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Good Bye Old School Recruiting Methods, Hello Attraction Marketing…

I think the best way for me to explain why I decided to say good bye to old school recruiting methods in favour of a method called Attraction Marketing is to just share my story.

A word of warning, this may upset some “old school” MLM gurus.

But you know what? I’ve always believed in just saying it how it is so here goes and I know there are plenty of you out there that will 100% relate to exactly what I am about to tell you and that’s the reason for this blog.

If you are not getting the results you want in your Network Marketing business right now – keep reading, this is for you.

When I first started in MLM back in 2013, I started out with a company that was selling Anti-Ageing products. I absolutely loved the products, they worked and I wanted to change people’s lives, so much so that my first Facebook page was called “Changing Lives Worldwide”

I jumped straight in with the biggest pack, hit the fast track bonus and was in the top 10 en-rollers within the company in my first month. I did what my up-line told me to do in order to be successful. Invite, invite, invite, invite and never stop inviting. I was a “green” and “eager” new distributor and I followed the plan;

  1. Make a list of friends and family. Invite them to a conference call selling the business opportunity or products.
  2. Make a list of the people you have ever known and can track down. Approach them and invite them to the calls, because for every no you get, will get closer to a yes.
  3. Strike up a conversation with everyone you meet by passing a compliment then manoeuvre the conversation to business and get their contact details.
  4. Remember the 3 feet rule – everyone within 3 feet of you is a PROSPECT even the waiter/waitress, the supermarket assistant, everyone.
  5. Post flyers up at local coffee shops, in the restrooms, at the gym, you know the drill.

Sound familiar?

I didn’t like doing most of it, but I did it because I wanted to make it work. I didn’t want to be stuck in my day job for ever. So, I sucked it up and approached all these random people with a motive of getting them on an opportunity webinar.

My up-line told me to go out and find 2 new friends every day. So I did just that, either face to face or on social media and I kept adding people to my list. In fact, I remember contacting all my old school friends on Facebook and looking up people I had not talked to in years just so I could present my business… how fake is that?

It wasn’t long before I started to exhaust my resources;

people stopped asking how my business was going in case I went into “pitch” mode. I became consumed with finding my next prospect. Everyone and anyone was a possible target because I had been told it’s a numbers game, right?

I’m sure you get what I’m saying… Is any of this sounding familiar?

These are just some of the methods we are taught to build our businesses and yes at the beginning of our journey they can work. But for me it was exhausting!

Sure I had some success and sign ups. I had more than a few jump on board to also promote. I had one bumper month and the commissions from that one month paid for me to fly to Colorado and Vegas for the company convention and a luxury holiday. (I live in Tenerife, Spain so it was a big exciting trip)

BUT I also discovered that NOT EVERYONE is good at sharing their shiny new opportunity with their friends and family.

Some people find it really hard and I had people on my team that were struggling. Some were on a budget and the first thing to go was their auot-ship, I was actually losing people as fast as I could enrol them and I was stuck in rinse and repeat mode!

I also had some ladies that were too scared to switch off their auto-ship and let their points flush, just in case they found that one person that would make it to the millionaire spot. I felt awful as they had product piling up that they couldn’t really afford.

My list started to dry up and here’s what I realised….

  1. It sucks to randomly reach out to people you haven’t talked to in years just to pitch them or add them to your list.
  2. Being in constant recruiting mode to pitch my business and products to anyone within 3 feet of me was exhausting, I was obsessed and I grew to resent it.

I needed to find another way and I needed to find it fast. 

I’d been hearing about a method called “Attraction Marketing” for a while and watching some friends who seemed to be having great success. So I decided to do some research and you know what I found out…

  1. It’s not really a numbers game. Well it is to a certain degree but my numbers stunk!  I discovered there was a way to recruit without all the rejection by using attraction marketing.
  2. I was not just one recruit away from a massive explosion in my business. But I realised that I didn’t have to fill the leaking cup any more…instead my cup could get filled automatically.
  3. Loads of top leaders in our industry are using the “Attraction Marketing” method and getting huge results they just aren’t sharing with their down-line, but that’s a subject for another blog post.

So, In moment of give it a go or quit, I jumped in with both feet and purchased an e-book called Attraction Marketing Formula that included a video series and 3 calls with a coach and I started to learn.

Now!  I’m assuming if you’ve read this far, it’s because you’ve connected with what I’ve just said. So, whether you are a seasoned marketer or a newbie this is a concept I want to encourage you to learn more about so keep reading…


There’s so much I could share with you, all of which can’t possibly be done in this one blog post but I will be sharing much of what I learnt with those who subscribe to my Boot-Camp Newsletter.

What a revelation, I devoured the e-book instantly and in just 3 sessions with my coach I was taught the beginnings of a process that made perfect sense to me and I knew there was better to come.

I generated 6 leads for my business in my first few hours! Not just any old leads, I had names and contact details of people that had come to ME! I had “attracted” them through the power of the internet.

In under 90 days off starting to apply the strategies I was learning I had generated 165 leads (new potential prospects) and increased my income by almost $3ooo  – BOOM! That was months ago and it’s just got better from there.

With the attraction marketing method I have found a way to get people to contact ME about what I have to offer.
I have found a way to grow a business without having to CHASE ANYONE, I finally FEEL FREE…


I have found a method I can teach to others, a away for the them to also get targeted leads for their business without having to hassle friends and family and suffer through home launches! 

If you are looking for a way to change EVERYTHING in your business then this is something you need to take a good look at.

I can give you access to a FREE 10 day Boot Camp, so you can “test the water” so to speak and see if this is a method you feel comfortable with and would like to start putting into practice. The content is priceless.
In This 10 Day On-line Recruiting Boot Camp, You’ll learn…

  • How to use Google & Facebook to generate leads, separate your hot prospects from the “suspects” and get paid to do it.
  • How to become the hunted, instead of the hunter and have prospects knocking down your door or calling you with credit card in hand to join or buy from your business.
  • How To Get Leads & Prospects to reach out to YOU about YOUR business.

Whatever industry or business you are in YOU NEED LEADS and if you are tired of doing the same old thing then this free recruiting boot camp will be a wealth of information for you and you will have a huge light bulb moment just like I did.

So do yourself and maybe even your team a favour. Put your best email address in the blue box bellow and start working towards more success in your business and please if you got value from this please leave me a comment. 

Bethany 🙂

PS: If what I’ve written has really resonated with you and you want to jump right in like I did, here is an opportunity to get started in the same way I did with the Attraction Marketing Formula E-book and get a Coach to guide you at a 75% discount and with a 30 day mony back gurantee – click here for a limited time offer and view the information


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Bethany Powlson

Bethany has already traded in her suit for flip-flops and is living on the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Enjoying life freedom and spending days in flipflops really was the ultimate goal. Bethany has a mission to help as many people as possible generate more leads into their businesses so they can live a big dream life too.

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Joanne - January 31, 2016 Reply

What a great read! i agree attraction marketing is the way forward.

    Bethany Powlson - January 31, 2016 Reply

    Hi Joanne, more and more people are definitely seeing the value of Attraction Marketing.

Donna - May 9, 2016 Reply

I think what you said is correct that is the old way of recruiting, there is a better way. But what annoys me is you read all this so then you sign up with there course pay money, and then they tell how much money they make now and do you want to make that much and then they ramble on and on and then you have to pay them more to find out more info.
I want to know ONE QUESTION and ONE QUESTION only how do you recruit people on the internet I want a straight forward answer to that question, say you do either Tupperware or Avon or Nutri-metics how do you recruit. We don’t have anything to give away for free on the internet like all these coaching webinairs . Please give me my light bulb moment.
Also I have spent hundreds on courses that I can not afford and they all skip that one important message.
Thank youo

    Bethany Powlson - May 10, 2016 Reply

    Hi Donna,
    Thank you for your questions… the best answer I can give you is grab my Free Boot Camp. I will be slowly sharing a concept with you that WILL help you generate leads on line. I also share some methods that I have used in this blog post 3 Proven Ways To Build OnLine

    The concept of Attraction Marketing teaches you how to create a FREE offer to entice people to join your list. If you have other questions please reach out to me and we can arrange to have a one to one phone call, I am more than happy to explain how you could utilise Attraction Marketing to grow your business.

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