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Are You Struggling In Your Network Marketing Business?

When we start out in Network Marketing it can be so tough to know what to do to be successful and sometimes it can be a real struggle to get it right.

We often go through moments of success, normally rapidly followed by an epic fail of some kind!

Like me,  you have probably been told that all you need to do to be successful is;

  • Plug into the training
  • Make contact lists
  • Invite and attend meetings and conference calls
  • Do 3 way calls with your upline
  • Have a home launch… and so on….

Many people are lured into this business by being told that “it’s not about sales, the products sell themselves” or “you only need 5 people to make it big” I bet you a $ you’ve heard both of those statements before, right?

My personal favourite: “it’s just a numbers game” Have you heard that one? Now to me this implies a guarantee that if I do X then I will achieve Y.  But you and I both know, there are very few guarantees in this life.

Now, I’m not shy about coming forward and if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you’ll know that, after the initial beginners explosion, I ran out of leads and started to struggle in my business which made me feel like I was failing. 

Feeling like a failure at some point in your business is totally normal and it’s going to happen to all of us at one time or another, the trick is not to let it stop you.

I’m no quitter so when I got stuck and felt like I was failing I sucked it up and decided this set back was just my First Attempt ILearning.  

How true that turned out to be, because when I actually started looking at my business in a different way I realised a lot of what I was taught, as a novice networker, wasn’t necessarily the whole picture… the skills I was being taught by my upline were only 50% of the skills that I actually needed… and everything started to make sense. 

Let me explain…

I have come to realise that our industry is called NETWORK MARKETING for a reason. The clue to great success is in the words and in particular the word MARKETING. Too many people only focus on the network part, but as you will see as you read on networking really is only half the story.

I know for a FACT that most successful network marketers in our industry have developed some kind of marketing skills. Most importantly Internet Marketing skills.

When I first started out I knew nothing about marketing, I just thought I did. My “marketing” strategy consisted of;

  • Blasting my business and products all over social media, which I now know really just had people running a mile.
  • I had an auto-poster that posted my adverts in 200 groups automatically (yes I was a spammer!)

Guess what? It didn’t work and I got zero results! 

It took me a while to realise I was marketing like a desperate women and I knew I had to change tactics if I was going to get anywhere in my business. So I took a look at what some of the top earners in my company were doing and it was a bit of a revelation. When I visited their Facebook pages and had a good old look, I couldn’t even tell what company most of them were partnered with. What I could see was lots of exciting things they were filling their days with and if I hadn’t known what they did for a living I sure as hell would have asked them! 

I dug a little deeper and really educated myself on how to leverage the Internet and in particular Social Media to work for my business and here is what I learnt.

Here are 3 ways to effectively MARKET a home business using the internet. I’ve used all 3 methods and seen results. There is one strategy that is now my ultimate favourite and is the one method that I put most of my time into. But I will share all 3 with you.

Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting

social-media_3257461bThis strategy is an approach which will seem pretty familiar, because it’s prospecting as we’ve always done it, just with an on-line twist.

Now prospecting on social media is NOT “Internet marketing,” however it still beats networking events, coffee mornings and using the 3 feet rule.

Here is how to successfully use this method.

1) SEARCH – Use Facebook Search to find ‘friends of friends’ who live locally (at least to start with).

There are a few reasons for doing it this way…

First of all, Facebook allows you to directly message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the “Other” inbox, which most people don’t even know exists. 

Secondly, you start with local, because it will allow you to eventually meet face to face with them to form a more powerful personal connection. Given that you have no prior relationship, it’s important to meet.

2) QUALIFY – Next, you take a minute to look at their profile and identify key interests that might resonate with you personally, your business or your products. You are also looking for more subtle things, like are they smiling in their pictures? Are they outgoing? Do they seem to be a positive person?

Bear in mind, you are prospecting, but you are also qualifying them.

For example, an interest in Robert Kiyosaki might indicate an interest in entrepreneurship or diversified income streams. An interest in CrossFit indicates an interest in health and wellness and that might resonate with your company’s products.

3) MESSAGE – Then you craft your first message to them, which believe it or not, follows a somewhat standard prospecting approach.

You can come up with a template, but each message will be tailored to them specifically. This message will mention friends you have in common. You mention that you’re a recruiter for a “health & wellness company” or whatever the niche is, you’re “expanding in the area” and you ask if they are “open to earning extra money?”

You DO NOT want to be posting copy/paste messages with links to sign up for your opportunity. Not only is that not effective, it’s considered SPAM by Facebook and can get your account shut down and get your company in trouble too.

In this initial message, you aren’t giving them any info or links. You are simply trying to get them to express an interest.

4) BOOK – If they come back book a face to face meeting if local or at the very least get them on the phone. You just let them know that details are better explained in person and, “if we were to work together, it’s a good opportunity to see if we would like each other! ;-)”

At this point, if they meet with you, hopefully your company or upline have defined a solid process for you to follow here.

I’ve had success with this method, I found it much less “fake” than contacting all my old school friends with the sole purpose to invite them into my business. Prospecting with this method was easier for me as I had no attachment to these people. However I no longer use this method, it’s time consuming and I now prefer a more targeted approach.

Strategy #2: The ‘Money Trap’ Method (kind of)

money trapThis process is pretty simple and depending on your personality, may or may not be great for you. This pretty much involves posting your results on social media and waiting for people to express an interest via the comments or private message. 

Additionally, to boost results, you can add a CALL TO ACTION to message you, if they want more info.

This method involves posting pictures and announcements about your ‘rags to riches’ story, how much fun you are having and the impact your business has made on your lifestyle. Incentive trips, going to events, successful webinars you’ve been holding. Fun days out you’ve spent your commissions on. Some people go as far to post income results but be very wary of this as I could see you running into compliance or even legal problems. 

I’ve seen people whom I know personally deploy this strategy with great success and it has worked for me too. It could annoy your friends and seem self promoting or hypey, but the way I see it is, if your friends aren’t happy seeing you succeed should they really be your friends anyway?

If you don’t have an issue sharing your success and your happiness then this method can work well, because let’s face it, most people have a desire for more income and a better lifestyle. 

I’ve certainly had people reach out to me using this method. Once they express an interest, you just follow whatever process you’ve been taught by your upline for closing people.

But if “closing” people is not your thing, then here is my favourite Internet strategy, which I’m currently employing in my business right now and getting great results…

Strategy #3: ‘Attraction Marketing’

attractcustomersOnce I realised I needed to educate myself and follow leaders who were seeing massive success in my industry and not just leaders in my company, I started to notice a trend…

They were all using a method called Attraction Marketing and utilising the power of the internet to “attract” and generate leads on auto-pilot.

They were all attracting people to their businesses, offers and products WITHOUT spamming a single link on social media AND most of the time, as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t even know which company they were involved with.

I discovered how to do this when I enrolled on a FREE 10 DAY ONLINE RECRUITING BOOTCAMP.

I went on to purchase the Attraction Marketing Formula e-book written by Ferny Ceballos and then took a step further and joined his Ignition Coaching Programme. You’ll hear more about Ferny’s success with Attraction Marketing when you enrol in the bootcamp.

Now that I’m learning Attraction Marketing, I’ve stopped using strategy #1 and I use strategy #2 much less. I don’t really need them any more. I’m learning how to passively generate leads and prospects. I say learning because no matter how good we become at something there is still always room to learn more.

I’m learning how to have an inbox full of notifications, new leads, new sales. People messaging me asking me what MLM I’m in. Prospect after prospect interested in learning more about my business and products and how they can earn more money.

I am no longer filling my friends news feeds and my wall with all the information about my opportunity because I am generating leads and sales on autopilot. What’s even cooler is I’m making a better income 🙂

You see, pretty much every other type of business in the world is now using proven, passive and scalable online marketing methods. So why NOT use these methods in YOUR network marketing or home business? Can you see how putting your business on “auto pilot” could give you more time in the day to do what you love? 

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study and please don’t think that I mastered skills over night, like any strategy it takes to time to learn and I’m continually educating myself. I’ve had to stay very focused and take action daily. 

So, where are you in your business right now?

  • Do you feel like you are failing or are you frustrated with your results? 
  • Maybe you’re looking for a way to start fresh and build your business online. 
  • Perhaps you just want an automated way to bring in new leads and customers.

Either way this boot camp is for you, are you ready for this journey? 

If the answer is yes and I hope it is, then fill in the form bellow and lets get started.

Bethany 🙂

P.S Don’t forget to leave me a comment below… have you successfully applied any of the 3 methods above? Do you have an online method that works well for you? Or are you ready for a new journey? I would love to hear from you…


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Bethany Powlson

Bethany has already traded in her suit for flip-flops and is living on the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Enjoying life freedom and spending days in flipflops really was the ultimate goal. Bethany has a mission to help as many people as possible generate more leads into their businesses so they can live a big dream life too.

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Gillian - January 17, 2016 Reply

Your video is great & it makes so much sense, a friend was asking me today how my business was going, I gave her the analogy that it’s like being given the door to a new & exciting life, the only trouble is the door is locked & someone has thrown a million keys on the floor in front of you & you have to find the ONE that fits that lock to open the door 🙂 Attraction Marketing is definitely the way to unlock that door in my opinion without having to try each key!

    Bethany Powlson - January 17, 2016 Reply

    What a great analogy Gillian and congratulations in finding the key to unlocking the door to your new successful business & life.

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