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6 Attraction Marketing Strategies YOU Can Implement NOW!

Attraction Marketing is often referred to as “becoming the hunted rather than the hunter” and although this is true it goes way beyond that.

You could actually call it “Value Based Marketing”

Why? Because that is the main strategy of Attraction Marketing, leading with value and free training to build a relationship with your prospects. It’s pretty simple when you know how. By leading with something Free and of value, it attracts people to you.

If you are in a network marketing business, having an Attraction Marketing strategy will be of huge benefit to you and here are 6 simple strategies to get you started..

Act as a Solutions Provider: 

Have you noticed how a “consultant” is perceived far better than a “Sales Rep”? Do you know why this is?

It’s because a Consultant is a solutions provider whereas a Sales Rep is simply trying to “Close”.

If you can be perceived as a “Solutions Provider” from the very start, people will respond differently to you. They will see you as a “Leader” and you will be perceived as an authority within your niche… and its a know fact that people are more likely to follow and join those they perceive as great leaders.

Always Teach:

When you write a blog post, shoot a video or give a webinar, be aware that you are “teaching” and even say often “I am going to teach you how to….”.

You want to show that you are there to teach (for Free) and you want to “give away a lot”. Of course, people can pay you specifically for your premium product or coaching you provide but try not to make it a “bait and switch”.

Give away Free stuff, and people will want your paid content. 

Use The Internet:

OK, that may seem a bit obvious but practising Attraction Marketing on the Internet is super powerful.

With a Blog, you can constantly produce valuable content that will rank on the search engines through search engine optimisation. The more content you create the more traffic and leads you will generate.

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Hold Webinars:

This is another practical tip but I had to throw it in for you as this is one of the best strategies to showcase your expertise.

Webinars have become very powerful on the Internet. Imagine them as the modern day seminar for businesses. If you can hold training webinars that lead with value, your authority will go through the roof and people will see you as the expert.

It’s no surprise that Webinars convert very well to sales. This is because they are a special scheduled event that people attend. You have highly qualified prospects taking their own time to attend and hear what you have to say.

Get On Video:

If you are using the Internet, then it will greatly help your “Attraction Marketing” efforts to get behind the video camera and show who you are.

Video makes it more personal helps you to be seen as a trusted advisor. You can also use YouTube to produce educational videos that you then use to generate leads. 

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Create a Free Guide:

If you want to build an email list and get more leads for your Network Marketing business then a great way to do this is to have something to give away. This is known as a freebie guide or bribe. 

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I love your posts. Always poignant and powerful! You have a special way of sending a message.

    Bethany Powlson - October 5, 2016 Reply

    Hey Celia,

    Thank you! I love your comments, happy to be of service.

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