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10 Steps to Build a Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team

Are you struggling to duplicate? Frustrated with the lack of growth of your team? Do you find it exhausting to try and keep your team members motivated? Hey, you’re not alone! But luckily… It’s not as hard as you might think to create vastly more production in your organization. Julie Burke, a stay-at-home mom of […]

Are You Struggling or just Procrastinating?

Are you struggling in your Network Marketing business? Or maybe you’re just Procrastinating? You already have what it takes to be successful but there maybe somethings that are holding  you back from doing the tasks that are needed to grow your business. In today’s training I touch on that topic and hopefully give you some motivation […]

Attraction Marketing! The Success Formula…

WARNING! I’m all about keeping it real and saying it “just how it is” So what you are about to read might just go against EVERYTHING you’ve been told and taught by your up-line…  But like I’ve shared in my previous blog posts, it’s kind of my mission & purpose to share what I’m  learning with people […]

The “Magic Words” to Selling and Sponsoring…

Welcome to this week’s attraction marketing “Biz Builder” lesson! Today we have network marketing trainer, legend, & Internet superstar, Sonia Stringer! I absolutely love this training and have been though Sonia’s Magic Words complete training course so I know hands down you will get MASSIVE VALUE from this…  In this video, Sonia shows you “The […]

What to Do When Prospects Give You Excuses…

Sick and tired of hearing excuses and objections from Prospects? Yep! That was me a few months ago, and between you and me, it was EXHAUSTING…  Then I met a guy on-line, a bit like you are meeting me now, who taught me something that totally changed the way I run my business. Since that moment […]